Learn How To Wear High Boots

April 02, 2017 
My Experience Wearing High Boots!!!

This year, after looking very carefully and with a little luck I bought two different models of High boots. One them is brown leather and more casual, the other is a bit more formal and it is in black Suede. I am in love with my boots !. After wearing high boots like these I do not think I can go back to the mid-height boots.

When dressed in a certain way the boots gives you a really Sexy-Chic style, if you combine them with a mini skirt or high heel! Get ready !. But people do not realize that they can be super casual too, like the brown leather type I bought. Regardless of how you want to use them you must buy some! And once you have them, you need to see all the ways you can dress them. We've got some easy pairing tips and lots of super-stylish examples to get you started.


High Boots With Dresses- The Chicest Combination!!!

Dresses and boots are a great pairing for fall, spring, summer and winter. When wearing tall knee-high boots, there should be a few inches of "leg peek" between the top of the boot and the hemline.






Skinny Jeans and High boots- The Perfect Combination!!!
Tuck your jean leg into your boot to show off the full height of the boot. Skinny jeans hug your legs. As a result, they work with your boots to make your legs look long and slender.
High Boots and MiniSkirts- Wild Combination!!!!
You can either pick a more subdued mini-skirt, in brown or black or grey, or you can go all out with a touch of vibrant color. You can successfully give the illusion of showing a lot of leg without actually being scantily clad.
There's something about wearing a good pair of boots that makes me feel like I can take on the world. Maybe it's the height they give me. Maybe I feel a sense of power when I wear them. But whatever the reason, I can't get enough of 'em.



 April 2017, aBlisStyle.com

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